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 My Story
(yes, I have been there too!)

In my 20+ years of mentoring and coaching, I have had the honour to work with some of the most successful people on earth - executives, CEOs, senior vice presidents, Hollywood stuntmen, runway fashion models, creative designers, and the list goes on.


From my 30+ years of corporate career, I have a list of accomplishments to be proud of…


⭐Internationally recognized and offered a position by the president of Universal Studios UK division

⭐An Award-winning brand partnership marketer in retail, film, and sports industries (ICSC Maple Leaf Award) 

⭐Record-breaking brand partnership fundraiser in the NGO sector

⭐Nationally recognized for Brand Marketing Consumer Promotion celebrating #99 Hockey great and icon, Wayne Gretzky


BUT…despite all of this, I never felt successful.


I was a high performer with low self-worth.


Growing up in a family of addiction, losing both of my parents at the age of 21, and going through a painful breakup of a 12-year relationship, I lost myself, prioritized others over myself, especially in my career, and learned that to be worthy,

I needed to be perfect. 


My manic strive for perfection, fear of failure, and confrontation made me exceptional in my career, but it was truly exhausting. It cost me my health, happiness, relationships, and self-respect.


Through my own trial and error, countless hours of therapy, my own coach (yes I have a coach too), learning to make intentional mistakes, be messy and let go of being perfect, and healing myself inside out, I am grateful to have turned my life around. Today I am here to show others that success doesn't have to have a high price. I am passionate about helping people transform their professional and personal lives using my unique approach to coaching called 'Quiet the Mind & Live from Your Heart Methodology' ™.

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