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Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching

WHAT IF success in life and work didn't cost your vitality, relationships, and peace of mind...

​​Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching and Marketing Consultancy for professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs with Debora Gemmell

Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching

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Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching
Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching
Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching
Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching
Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching

​​Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching and Marketing Consultancy for professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs with Debora Gemmell

Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching

Debora has been recognized for her excellence in life coaching by Influence Digest Magazine.


In 2023, Debora was named one of the Top 15 Coaches in Toronto. This award is a testament to Debora's passion and commitment to helping her clients reach their highest potential. Debora has dedicated her career to helping others create meaningful and lasting change in their lives. Her clients can be confident that they are receiving the best in life coaching services. As an award-winning life coach, Debora is committed to providing exceptional guidance and support to her clients.

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Our culture has been telling you some of the biggest lies...

🚫 Being busy equals productivity and taking on too many projects means being a capable multi-tasker 

Saying yes when thinking no means you are a caring person

🛑 Having a long list of achievements means being successful

 ⚠  Being financially wealthy equals happiness


I'm here to flip the script of this old paradigm and offer you an outrageous solution.

⭐You can achieve more by slowing down

⭐You can gain respect without sacrificing yourself

⭐Your accomplishments do not define your worth


My clients are some of the most successful humans on paper - Corporate executives, lawyers, Hollywood stuntmen, runway fashion models, creative designers, and directors. They all have one thing in common. They don't feel successful. They feel depleted, stressed, unfulfilled and guilty because they think they "should" be happy. 


Can you relate to any of this?


  • You have a list of pretty impressive achievements in your resume, but you don't feel successful.

  • You are constantly chasing the next thing - a new relationship, a promotion, a new role, an award but have lost your passion and purpose.

  • You are always available for work, even if it means sacrificing your sleep, relationships, and peace of mind.

  • You often say yes to too many projects, people, and duties and deep inside feel overwhelmed and secretly a little annoyed with yourself.

  • You appear to be owning the room and are always on top of things, but deep inside you second guess yourself and wonder whether you are good enough.

  • You love ticking off your to-do list but for every task you erase it feels like there are already two new ones added.

  • You crave downtime but find it hard to switch off and relax.          


Perhaps you often tell yourself: 


  • I'm falling behind wish I had more time and energy

  • I'm not where I should be

  • I'm not doing good enough

  • I've lost myself in my relationship or work​

  • If only (________) would change (boss, partner, job, situation) then I would be happy.

About Us
Debora Gemmell | Life & Business Coach | Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching


I am here to help talented professionals, artists and entrepreneurs to achieve  success in business and life without sacrificing their vitality, relationships, and  peace of mind.

You CAN thrive at work and in life. You don't have to choose one or the other.

Clients refer to me as their secret ally!

I've been there too! I GET IT! 


I used to be a HIGH achiever with LOW self-worth!


Today, as a Leadership & Success Mindset Coach with over 20 years of mentoring, consulting and coaching experience, my mission is to help busy professionals achieve success without sacrificing vitality, relationships, and peace of mind. I know firsthand what it means to live with constant stress, and self-criticism and be on the edge of burnout ticking all the "success" boxes in my professional career, receiving awards, A+ job performance ratings, and hearing from my recruiter, "Oh my goodness, Debora, you are far too humble for what you have done," I never felt successful, fulfilled, or confident.

Growing up was a confusing and difficult time filled with mixed messages and rigid expectations. Then losing both of my parents at the age of 21, I lost myself, and learned to prioritized others needs over myself, especially in my career, and mistakenly believed that to be worthy, I needed to be perfect. 


I became overly responsible, overly brave and an overachiever to compensate for my inner belief of being inadequate, not good enough.


I thought success in business = self esteem or that being liked by others meant I am a good person.

Despite appearances which I put a lot of effort into maintaining,

I never felt successful or confident.

What I truly felt was drained and overwhelmed.

My strive for perfection in relationships and in business coupled with my fear of failure and confrontation made me exceptional in my career, but it was truly exhausting.


It cost me my health, happiness, relationships, peace of mind and self-respect.


Through my own trial and error, countless hours of therapy, my own coach (yes I have a coach too), growing my self esteem to let go of being perfect, and with help healing myself inside out, I am grateful to have turned my life around.


Today I am here to show others that success doesn't have to have a high price. I am passionate about helping people transform their professional and personal lives using my unique approach to coaching called 'Quiet the Mind & Live from Your Heart Methodology' ™.


As a coach, I am a straight shooter with kindness. I am here to deeply listen to you without judgment, cut through your limitations, and give you a gentle nudge when needed. I deeply care about my clients and allow them to go at their own pace. I don't offer one-size-fits-all coaching nor tell you to wake up at 5 AM to feel successful. If you are looking for a coach who is there for you even between the sessions and creates a safe, brave container for you to evolve, we might be a match.


Some fun facts about me:


⛄I'm obsessed with snow even in February! (hello, I'm Canadian!)

🎵I love learning to play the bassoon (look it up if you never heard of it)

🎬I'm a bit of a small-budget film freak (see you at the Toronto's International Film Festival)

😊My friends tell me that I always light up the room (laughing with my clients is an integral part of our sessions).

If you can relate to feeling depleted while trying to appear confident. If you feel like you are constantly chasing something and running out of time, I'm here to show you that you can achieve more by slowing down and success in business, relationships and in life can come without sacrificing yourself. 


When you wish to discover what might be possible for you in life, work, relationships, book an obligation free discovery call. 

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Debora has transformed the lives of professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs around the world.

Here is what the people in Debora's community have to say...

Debora was the first coach I have ever worked with. Before meeting Debora I had explored many types of therapies. My experience with Debora was groundbreaking. Conversations with Debora often led to breakthroughs and and things “clicked” in my mind. When I met Debora, I was living through a heartbreak and had lost myself. I credit Debora for providing me with the tools and attention I needed to regain myself and also to ensure that it wouldn‘t happen again. Our work together was relevant and beneficial to both my personal and work lives.  I have recommended Debora to several close friends.


As an action-taker, I’m sure you’ve tried to change your situation.


Perhaps you’ve:


🔺Read many books and listened to podcasts on mindset, productivity, marketing, social media, confidence, and motivation.

🔺Spent hours in therapy or discussed your life or business situation with friends and family who mean well but never really understand.

🔺Refreshed your LinkedIn profiles to look for a job or tried social media trying to find the perfect way to look good, feel productivity or sell. You may have even thought changing partners, or a new career might be the answer.

🔺Committed to trying even harder to make what you are currently doing work, again. Telling yourself this time it will be different. But it's not.

🔺Took on even more responsibilities at work thinking that will be the answer, and in your community to keep busy to avoid admitting how unfulfilled you feel but you are not.


If you are still here, then you are already demonstrating your desire and I might be able to offer a solution…


As a highly accomplished but unfulfilled corporate marketer with 30+ years of experience and two decades of mentoring and coaching, I understand what it truly takes to shift from barely surviving to thriving in your professional and/or personal life.


Acknowledge your desire and capacity to be successful and fulfilled in life and business enjoying vitality, connection, prosperity and peace of mind. You can have both. 


I use my unique approach to coaching which has proven to help some of the most talented professionals transform their relationship with themselves, their relationships, career, and their success, gain confidence, and finally have the time and energy for their families, business, hobbies and simply enjoying life.



Improved relationships: When you feel constantly depleted and overwhelmed, your relationships are the first to suffer both in business and at home. As a result of our work together, you’ll be able to reconnect with your loved ones and improve your business relationships (you’ll learn the power of responding vs reacting).

Confidence in life + business: Confidence is earned. You’ll learn how to stop feeling like you are running out of time (and options) and get back in charge. 

Success Mindset, Clarity & Focus: When you realize that your worth has nothing to do with your performance, its your mindset that needs updating, you are free to rewrite the story of success and experience unshakable confidence with an empowered mindset and self-belief. And when you do that new opportunities, and prosperity are more likely.

Empowered Action knowing you are heading in the right direction without burnoutYes, achieving more is possible without being constantly stressed and anxious. It’s scientifically proven that when you are in a relaxed state, you will have more insights, passion and come up with more creative solutions.

Feeling on purpose and making a bigger impact: Maybe it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and find help to change the way you show up currently. We will work on empowering your mindset, releasing restrictive self-beliefs, getting clear on your purpose, connecting more deeply with others, and reigniting your passion and upgrading business tools.

Having more time and energy: Imagine being present in your business taking intentional actions following the strategy you have co-created with your coach, spending time with your loved ones, having time just for yourself to relax, and not at midnight in an attempt to claim some part of your day for yourself. Enjoy a hobby or read a whole book that has nothing to do with business or confidence (and maybe slow down to smell the roses!)

Imagine feeling confident and having clarity taking decisive action knowing you are actively creating the life, relationships and career you desire towards a fulfilling and rewarding life. 

Ways to or togeher

3 Ways to work
Debora Gemmell

​​Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching and Marketing Consultancy for professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs with Debora Gemmell

Coming Soon

The Art of Creating More Time and Energy Workshop 


Debora and the team are working on their next workshop in the 2024 series. 

Please check back soon for more details and registration

Leadership & Success Mindset Coaching for Life & Business

Highly personalized boutique coaching that has helped talented professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs worldwide to regain their power and get back to leading their lives with confidence, clarity and peace of mind.


Some of the positive "side effects" of my coaching include improved personal and professional confidence, self-esteem, healthier relationships at work and in life, increased focus, energy and performance without burnout, reignited enthusiasm and empowered mindset. 


See if coaching is the right path for you by booking a consultation.

For Personal & Professional

The course called CONFIDENT BY DESIGN™️ is an online Masterclass Series.


 The 5 masterclasses are specifically designed to boost confidence in life, relationships, and career.

⭐DISCOVER how to develop a strong sense of self-belief. Gain confidence to face challenges and believe in your abilities.


⭐IMPROVE personal relationships: Enhance your personal relationships by cultivating self-assurance.


⭐STRENGTHEN your resilience. Build courage to embrace life.


Led by Debora with decades of experience and training in personal development and confidence-building. The group sessions are a combo of theory, practical exercises, and discussions from the comfort of your home over zoom.

Coming 2024

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